The beginning….

This is all new to me but you will find that there is usually NOT a shortage of words when speaking to me. Let me tell you what I love! I love to run! I love to bicycle – in the warm weather! I am an explorer of all types of healthy food alternatives from wheat, dairy and sugar free to green smoothies and vegetarianism and many alternatives in between. 

     I bet you are wondering “who is this person?” I am a multi-faceted woman with lots of minor talents like writing poetry, baking delicious food and finding inventive ways to make myself – and sometimes others as well – sweat. I am a mother of 7 children, wife, athlete and team member, teacher, lover of the outdoors and reader of many books.

     I started participating in Triathlons about 5 years ago and was hooked immediately! I love the challenge of completing 3 events against other women in my “age group”. Last August I started running on the trails of Central Texas. My initial thought was, “oh my this SUCKS”. Of course it sucked! I decided to go from running no miles on the trail to running 6 miles – right off the bat! Hah! Not my smartest decision but guess what, I was in love. In love with the challenge of the trail.

  Since then I have completed a 55K, 40K and several trail races of less than 30 miles. What I have found is that training on the trail has made me faster on the road! Insane right?! 

There are some new and exciting things coming up and I hope to enlighten, entertain and perhaps even educate a few people while at the same time having a boat load of fun and learning myself! 🙂


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