A try and an unsuccessful attempt at a 60K…..Lessons learned


               Image This picture was taken last week on Saturday during my much anticipated attempt at the El Sendero 60K at Reveille Ranch. This was a real experience of Murphy and all of his wonderful gifts he bestows. Hah! Can you hear my sarcasm? 

It started out as a brilliant idea to save some cash by camping out the night prior to the race rather than paying for a hotel room for myself and my running partner. Murphy reared his ugly head within 20 minutes of leaving by inviting some soupy fog into the area where we had to drive. From there, the fun continued with cold temps arriving for those of us who have been in Texas long enough for our “blood to thin” and anything below around 50 to feel FRIGID. This was not a big deal whilst we were sitting around the campfire, talking and hanging out but turned into an issue when I had a difficult time sleeping because I simply could not get my feet to stay warm.

Are you familiar with Murphy? Hmph, he is not a nice guy I must say! We got through the night basically unscathed. Cold but unscathed. Got dressed in our sleeping bags and for some reason – I failed to eat anything other than a banana. Ooops! Um, a banana pre- 60K run is not exactly smart fueling I have to say! That’s okay. Not great but not a really big deal since there are snacks along the trail that I can pick at while I run. Sounds good right?Between the snacks and my Tailwind nutrition (liquid calories essentially) I think I will be alright. Turns out, I was alright for the first loop…….well, except for the fact that my feet were absolutely frozen for the first 20K. Not such a great way to start since a frozen foot seemed to also cause my ankles to roll quite easily and this trail is covered with wonderful rocks to give one an opportunity to roll their ankles! 

    To make this story short, I knew mid-way through the 2nd loop that I was not going to make the third loop. Ask me about the weather sometime! That was another determining factor of my dropping to the 40K…….besides bonking due to lack of proper nutrition. 

Lots of exciting activities coming for 2014 including: Run Ranger Run in February, The Army Marathon in March and a Trail Warrior for the Ragnar Relay in October!! Stay tuned for the details! 


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