Another chilly run….completed whilst depleted

    I began a new segment of my journey to become healthier back in August. I saw a Nutritionist because I was so frustrated with the fact that despite how many miles I often run, I simply could not lose any more weight. I had been at a plateau for oh, 4 1/2 YEARS! 

    The nutritionist did her analysis and found that although I do not have an allergies, exactly, I do have some food sensitivities to: wheat, soy, peanuts, dairy and of course – sugars. I was only partially shocked but it was because I had been avoiding most foods that we are told are “unhealthy” for us. 

     So, since August I have lost about 12 pounds, a couple pant sizes and gained an increase in energy!! Some days are easier than others! I try not to think about it like it’s a “diet” but rather it’s a lifestyle choice that I willingly make. This means that there are more options! If I feel like I want to eat junk – I EAT IT – in moderation of course. This is mostly because 1) I physically feel awful if I eat too much junk 2) I know how easy it is to pick weight back up within the first year of dropping it and I don’t want to start over again.

       Having said all that, the run this morning w/my crazy trail running friends was done so without eating first. I’ve always eaten before trail running! It just seems to take so much more energy from me than running the road and so I always eat. Bonking last weekend at El Sendero was a rude awakening though and so I have decided that I need to get my body accustomed to running w/o pre-fueling. Not for every run obviously! But certainly for some. Today was a great test with almost 8 miles ran with my tank on empty. 

Endless forward progress and a constant work in progress!!


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