Paying it forward

         This morning I met with a personal training client and doing so reminded me that we each are on a journey. Each of us must travel our own path but along the way we meet others who are doing what they need to do as well and we join forces – even if for only a short time. Meeting with her reminded me of my own journey through weight loss and healthy eating and all the fabulous friends and associates I have made along the way!

      I think part of paying it forward is remembering that we are all unique, with our own ideas, opinions, pleasure and pain and meeting each person right where they are. It is not our job to mold anyone into some semblance of what we think they ought to be. It is not our job to fix anyone or attempt to fix their problems. Our job in paying it forward is to share what we have learned, love people for who and where they are right now and display a real attitude of acceptance. Give what we have to give and sometimes even give a little more than we think is possible. 

     Sometimes, paying it forward is a simple random act of kindness without an expectation of anything in return – like paying for a meal at the drive through or filling their gas tank at the convenience store. It can also be just a simple word or two that will make the day of someone who may be having a rough day. Tell them you LOVE their shirt, their hair or just hold their door open with a genuine smile. It doesn’t hurt – I promise! 🙂 

      For me, paying it forward also means helping others find their motivation to get healthy. So much of this journey I am on now seems almost rote on some days so I am thankful when I encounter someone who needs a pat on the back or an encouraging word. I am walking through my life partaking of all the joys presented to me and hoping that I make a difference. How will you pay it forward today? 


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