Our Christmas eve ended last night when the clock turned over to Dec 25th at midnight! Upon wrapping all the gifts for the kiddos we realized that the stockings were going to be a bit lackluster but it was far too late to fix it. The days’ festivities began when the kids knocked on our bedroom door at 6:00 this morning! Ugh, seriously?!! Guess what five hours of sleep means for me? A good old fashioned NAP later today. 🙂

    Gifts abound and everyone is as happy as can be. Hubster surprised me with a Fitbit fitness tracker and some workout clothes! I honestly was not expecting anything else since he had given me a new Garmin about 2 weeks ago! I really wanted the Fitbit so I can better monitor my sleep and food intake and this thing does most of it all on its own. I’m more than happy with the blessings I’ve received this past year: family, friends, teammates and of course health! Thinking it’s about time for a reflection of the year but will save that for another post. 

    Now it’s time to make sure the grub is on and ready very soon because I am HUNGRY after my run with the dog! Have a blessed day. Remember the reason for the season. Enjoy your family and other loved ones!


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