I told ya’ll there was a LOT of exciting new aspects of life coming up! I received via UPS my first shipment of promotional material for the Ragnar Relay right here in the good ol’ Texas Hill Country in October of 2014 – oh yeah, and my cool tshirt to go along with it! I am sooo excited for this event and am seriously looking forward to helping some of my friends and acquaintances make their way down there to participate!! You can check it out for yourself here: ragnartrail.com

      The Pilot Runner Challenge begins here in a few short days and I am going BEAST mode! Yep, I figured if I am going to challenge myself to something outside of my comfort zone, I may as well make it COMPLETELY out of my comfort zone. Beast mode essentially means not only will I not be eating all the foods I normally do not eat (wheat, soy, dairy, processed foods etc) but will add to the list by also refraining from eating red meats and eggs…….oh yeah and one of my FAV foods HONEY. It will be a challenge but not impossible. I am going to go out tomorrow and get all of my shopping done for the staples and then of course, I will need to hit up the produce isles a few times during the course of the challenge since fresh foods do not last nearly as long.

      Did I mention that I had a personal best on my 10 K this morning? Oh my! It was one of THOSE days. Maybe you have encountered them a time or two. The kind of day when you wake up without the help of the alarm but seem to still have a difficult time rolling out from under the nice warm covers. That was me this morning! 6:00 rolled around and PING, my eyes opened of their own accord. Great right? NOT! Well, that’s alright I told myself, I can still rest. Problem was, I KNEW I needed to get out there on the road for a solid 6 mile run at a minimum. 7:00 came and went and I told myself – another 30 minutes, that’s all you get. Um, nope! It was 8:30 before I finally got my lazy behind up and got dressed.

     See, the problem was not only that I just did not want to get up. The real problem is that my husband is related to the bears in Alaska I think and prefers the house to be a block of ice – okay, maybe a slight exaggeration on my part. Still, with the thermostat set on 71 degrees and our room the coldest one, it FEELS like it’s about 45 in the bedroom and I do NOT like being cold. Well, unless it is to run, then I like to be a bit chilly but certainly not to jump out of bed! Oh and another slight problem this week is that my mojo seems to have fled the country for warmer parts or something. I am not sure where it went but even the thought of running made me want to slink back into the covers and forget the world for another hour……or four.

    The angel on my shoulder, however, won the argument and so by 9:20 or so I was on the road, starting a 6 mile jaunt through the neighborhood. I know this route like the back of my hand. I could probably run it or at least walk it, blindfolded. It is my “go to” route when I don’t feel like driving to the trail head or when the road is simply more convenient. I had my music playing, mittens on and I was going to knock out these 6 miles. I was determined! It did not feel great..not even good. In fact, the first 2 miles I really had to talk myself into moving forward and putting one foot in front of the next. 

      Before I knew it, I’d climbed “the hill” – which is one of those 3/4 of a mile long, grind it out, passing the gas station and the doughnut shop kinda hill. I refused to stop! That hill was not going to beat me this morning! I chugged my way up and finally crested the 3rd rise in that blasted hill and then slowed down to something resembling a shuffle to get my heart rate back down to something resembling “normal” and then resumed. There were very few cars out and about spewing their poisons into my oxygen, the sun was bright and the air was crisp, but not painfully so. A stunning morning for a quick run!

    I realized upon returning that I had hit a new PR….a personal best…a record for how fast I can complete 6 miles!! I am happy with that! Especially since I shaved about 45 seconds or so of my previous time!! After a shower and some food we took a family trip to the bookstore (one of my absolute favorite places to go!) and spent far too much money making sure everyone came home with something – including myself. Bought a new vegetarian cookbook!

   It’s a good day ya’ll – a good day indeed!



  1. Lynn, that’s awesome to hear you’re getting faster! Can’t wait to see how the challenge works out for you. Going to be an interesting month with Bandera coming, then maybe I’ll join you for a few more of those road bike rides.


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