The joy of making progress

     I have been out of the pool for about 8 months up until 2 weeks ago. As soon as my head went below the top of that crystalline surface I was immediately reminded exactly why I had stopped swimming! God gave us as humans these wondrous organs called lungs and they are meant to breathe oxygen delivered via air, not water. For the first 15 of the 30 minutes I spent on that first night I battled my inner demons called panic attack and freak out. This is my typical m.o when I get back in the water from any type of absence. I have to reacquaint my body with the process of moving through the water. I blow bubbles in an attempt to ease my panic. 

     Fast forward 2 weeks to my swim last night. My friend had been telling me, “push your head down into the water” it will help you float rather than sink. (I’m a natural born SINKER) So, I ‘d been trying to push my head down like she said. Looking through the water in an attempt to see my toes. That is looking down right? Um, nope – it’s not! Finally, I figured it out! I have to push my head DOWN into the water like a turtle, like trying to bury my head completely in the water. Guess what……I sort of got a floating sensation from my backside and almost, almost felt like I was actually gliding through the water! Oh my goodness! Why did I not learn this like 5 years ago? 

      Making progress is a joy! Not only in the world of fitness but in my professional life as well. I have been pretty stressed about my job situation due to the physicality that I am subjected to on a daily basis from the kiddos in our classroom. Today I received a call from the local college telling me that I finally made it through the selection process and have an interview scheduled for next week! This is the reason I went to school to obtain my Master’s……to teach adults! I will move forward….

Relentless forward progress and the joy of the same!


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