The power of words……

        This isn’t your usual blog about how someone hurt my feelings or that of someone else, with the poison that often spews from the mouth of folks who seem to have no care about how their words play in the hearts and minds of others. This blog post offers a different spin on that very same topic. The POWER of words to move us. It is said that it is the uncomfortable that makes us move. When we are content with where we are we tend to sit still and for some that is exactly where they want us – still. Movement means change and there are those in this life who resist change at all costs. I digress….

    There is a word in the English vocabulary that has the power to make us be still……..or the power to make us move out of our comfort zone and do that which is uncomfortable. The word I am speaking of is CAN’T. As in, you cannot do one thing or another. You cannot cross some arbitrary line in the sand. You cannot possibly graduate. You cannot be successful…..can’t. I think you get the idea!! For some, that one little word has the power to make them be still. To stop whatever it is they were doing or planning on doing, sit back and be still.

    For others, that ugly little word – can’t – is a tool, a motivator, a seed in their belly that drives them to move forward and refuse to back down, refuse to stop until they reach a particular goal or ten. That’s the other thing about that word can’t – it often results in a cascade of progress. Rather than give that word the power to make us stop……use it to make you MOVE. Refuse to sit, refuse to become complacent……make it happen!

Stay tuned!



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