Training…….and Pushing through it

        As I said before, a decision has been made. For me, making a decision means that I set my eyes on some goal or another and then I start to plan how to make it to that particular goal. No matter how far fetched it may seem to others, no matter how crazy they think it sounds…..and sometimes the disdain and disbelief of others is exactly the fire that keeps me moving toward my goal. 

     I am pretty adept at planning things! Reverse management, backwards planning – whatever you want to call it – I like it! It’s pretty simple really: find something I want to do thereby providing a deadline, then break down the steps needed to attain that goal – piece by piece, write down those steps and then follow the plan. Right now the goal is to run 100 miles in 30 hours or less for a race in December!! Yep, I said it……run one hundred miles in under 30 hours (preferably under 24 hours, but that is a dream)!! Sounds crazy eh?

       I CAN and WILL do it……..just because of how crazy it sounds, or at least partially because of how crazy it sounds. Another piece of it is trying to find out how far I can push myself. How far can I run before I can no longer do so? What does it take for me to do it? The deadline is key in planning the process, for without a deadline – there is no push, no hurry and no plan. To plan means, in part, to conduct research. As I was once told – there’s no sense in recreating the wheel – somebody already did that. So, in order to work smarter rather than harder, emulate someone who has already been successful at the thing you want to do. This means doing your research.

    In doing some research I determined that the best way to train for this undertaking is to run most runs using a heart rate monitor and keep my heart rate down in zone 2. (This equates to 119 – 137 beats per minute of my healthy heart!) Sounds easy right? NOT!! For someone who loves the feel of the BURN in her thighs when she sprints 100 yards, running slowly does not come all that easily. On top of that, I have a tendency to try to get from point A to point B in the fastest way possible, so even when I am walking I am doing it quickly.

     Hence, the 10 mile training run I did yesterday took me 2 hours and 20 minutes!! Oh my goodness! Two hours and twenty minutes to run 10 miles…….The good news is – that’s a terrific start! I actually need to slow down a little bit more because about 50% of the time I was running in zone 3 which means I need to slow down to make my body more efficient thereby making my body less tired. 

   Doesn’t that sound backwards to you?!! Boy, it did to me as well! Run slower to make the race easier on your body? What?!! Try it out though and you will see…….run your 10 mile training run SLOWER….guess what happens when you finish? You will feel like you can keep going! Crazy!! Don’t take my word for it though. Go to our handy dandy friend by the name of Google and type in the Maffetone method…….read and be educated! LOL 

   Oh yeah….and helping me to slow down and appreciate the view on my local trails yesterday were deer, roadrunners, lizards and a 15″ in diameter turtle!! 

Until next time………..peace


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