Band Wagon Jumping

As promised in my previous post, here is what’s been on my mind. In this age of digital availability we are able to search for information on any topic we may have an interest in. In this case the topic of focus is our dietary intake. Some people call it a DIET but to me it is quite simply a choice – a way of life. So what’s the problem you ask? Great question!!

Remember the availability of information on the internet I spoke of? This is a great tool that can be used to obtain details, determine advantages and disadvantages and help us make decisions. The problem is that there is so much information and so many variations on the information available that it is often difficult to determine exactly what is the “truth”. Every industry has their own version of the truth. We are subjected to their “truths” on a daily basis. We are told that eggs are unhealthy, only egg whites are healthy and we should not eat the yolks; eggs are obtained from chickens who endure terrible living conditions and we should abstain from eating them at all.

We should abstain from eating chicken, pork, beef and lamb because of the cruel methods used to house, transport and even slaughter said animals. We should only eat the meat from chickens because the other types contain unhealthy levels of hormones used to keep the animals healthy enough for human consumption. We should not eat any meat at all because doing so increases the likelihood that we will contract a disease like cancer.

You’re an intelligent adult – you get the picture. Here’s where my issue lies – all of these truths may or may not be true to some degree and as adults we have to determine which lie we are willing to accept as our truth. Does that make sense? In my mind it does! 🙂 Now, we have made a decision about which version of the truth is acceptable to us and our manner of living. We make a CHOICE to live in a particular way. Whether we choose to live as a fruitarian, vegetarian, vegan, omnivore, herbivore…..etc, etc, the choice is ours.

At the same time we have people from all directions telling us that we should or should not eat this or that, we have an abundance of misinformation about how many calories we should eat, what percentage of micronutrients should be present in the food we eat as well as what percentage of macronutrients should be present. What is our daily activity level? What is your basic metabolic rate? Do you see a commonality with these questions? They are all about YOU! What works best for YOU? It matters not what works best for your best friend who happens to be one of those naturally thin folks who never gains an ounce of weight. It doesn’t matter what works for your husband, your wife…..your third cousin or your personal trainer.

We have to be responsible for what we put into our bodies based (somewhat) on an educated guess and perhaps even some minor experimentation. Not every method works for every single person – at least not that I have found yet and I am here to tell you that after delivering seven children which meant gaining and then losing over 350 pounds….there are some methods that simply do not work. Starving yourself- doesn’t work. Living on a liquid diet and expecting to have any energy to deal with real life – doesn’t work. Restricting your body to only 1200 calories because that’s what somebody told you ought to be done – doesn’t work. We have to make the smart choice! We have to advocate for ourselves and that means EDUCATE ourselves and those within our circle as to what works.

For me, it really is about the QUALITY of the food I put in my body. If I eat 1600 calories of junk food every day for a week and run my 35 miles (average)…I will GAIN weight. On the other hand, if I eat 2000 calories of, at least, semi-healthy food choices and run my 35 miles…I will not gain weight and may even lose a pound or so. It is such an individual thing! That’s my point! It is YOUR CHOICE….your body and your calories – you decide. Don’t jump from bandwagon to bandwagon looking for that perfect fix – it doesn’t exist.

As usual – this is simply my opinion – 🙂
Until next time…..peace


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