You thought the story ended when we came across the finish line? Nope! There is one more part of the story to tell. The story of the agony of the feet and the winning of the buckle. Had an interview with this really cool man by the name of Victor Ballesteros (who designs some totally rad bags I WILL own one day!) at the end of the 100 you can see here:
Thanks to Ultra Sports Live.TV
“We believe that Every Finish Is Amazing. The final 100 Mile finisher at Brazos Bend Trail Races ‪#‎BB100‬ proved just that point. Tammy Tucker finished her race with an official result of 29:58:57, just under the 30 hour cutoff. Congratulations to her and all of the other participants who made the event one to remember.”

Then I was directed to a chair so we could care for my feet. I have no earthly idea how I was staying on my feet at this point! I was tipsy and off balance. Thank goodness for T2 who kept me propped up whenever I appeared like I was going to fall. She sat me down and Doug gave me some watermelon! Those first few bites were like little moments of heaven! Ahhhhh! Sipping some water and talking to Doug and T2 as they decided what to do about the mess called my feet. Oh….and the pain killers I took about 30 or so minutes before the finish kicked in….somewhere around here.

Aftermath 1

This was not a fun experiment at all! We had to wet the sock a bit then PULL real quick so it would release from the skin on the ball of both feet. I kept telling people that my blisters had made babies and I was only half joking! We did what we had to do and got the socks off which was great until T2 took a picture of my feet and showed it to me – and I puked all the watermelon I had just eaten….then came the next problem. My feet were too sore and too swollen to fit into my slides! Seriously!? There was a bit of a walk through the grass to get to the truck and I was now barefoot with some pretty serious injuries to the bottoms of both feet.

The  agony of the feet!

The agony of the feet!

Robert Goyen quickly solved this issue by saying that he would just CARRY me! What?! Oh my gosh! I was slightly embarrassed I have to say. I was sweaty and wet and icky and I didn’t hesitate to tell him of all these issues. He said he didn’t care, or it didn’t matter or something like that and promptly picked me up and carried me to the truck.

After figuring out how to shimmy myself out of wet shorts and into a pair of jeans….in the backseat of my SUV while T2 held a towel up in front of the door so I would remain ‘decent’, we said “Later” to Doug and a million thanks to he and Rob Goyen and set off to find some FOOD. I didn’t FEEL hungry but Doug made sure to remind us of the importance of getting some calories back into our depleted bodies.

We basically dozed in the back of the truck for the long ride home. We attempted to eat….pretty boring, standard stuff. The next bit of humility and hilarity occurred when we arrived at T2’s house and I needed to pee. Um….my feet wouldn’t fit in ANY shoe, not even a flip flop and I could barely stand. My center of gravity all whacked out because of the situation on the bottoms of my feets. (purposely misspelled)

While N.D was shuffling about like she only ran a marathon or something, I could hardly walk! Have you tried to HURRY when you have to pee but cannot walk fast? Wow! Thank goodness for my little friend (ha ha ha) KdlP because he offered to piggyback me into the house!! I bet THAT was a funny sight to see! We managed to successfully navigate us in to the house and I hobbled into the restroom to take care of business. Fun times!! Have you ever tried to get OFF the toilet without using your toes? Pshaw! Freakin HILARIOUS!

Somehow I managed to finish that task (I am TIRED thinking about it now 3 days later!). Now to get back in the truck to be driven home. Trouble was….I could barely move. Brilliance occurs and T2 asks her husband about a walker they may have. A WALKER?!! What?! I am 43 not 93 – said my pride within about 2 seconds!!! I am not using a doggone walker! Go ahead and laugh….it’s pretty funny! 🙂

Today is the third day after the end of the journey….I am no longer exhausted – physically and emotionally. I was able to climb out of bed this morning without my husband picking me up and holding me still while I gained my balance. I am just shuffling but don’t need the walker to move around. Life goes on and now it’s time to get the truck downloaded  and get back to something resembling normalcy….although, no more than ever I am not exactly sure that I am entirely normal…whatever it means.

I have always been someone who will comply and conform when necessary but at the same time someone who is an independent thinker who likes to shake things up a bit….what a quandary eh? Rather than bore you any further with more words….I will simply show you the pictures and bid you good day….until next time – PEACE

48 hours and the tape is off..sort of

48 hours and the tape is off..sort of

Right foot after it was all cleaned up

Right foot after it was all cleaned up

What makes them feel better - ice or the big, BEAUTIFUL BUCKLE?!

What makes them feel better – ice or the big, BEAUTIFUL BUCKLE?!

The absolute BEST tribe we could ever wish for!! Thanks guys! Much love - until NEXT time :)

The absolute BEST tribe we could ever wish for!!
Thanks guys! Much love – until NEXT time 🙂


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