Thoughts about “Crewing”…

My great friend, trail brother and fellow crazy ultra runner with his take on crewing a 100!

Texas Trail Running Adventures by John

So…   This post will, like all of my others, demonstrate what exactly goes on in my mind while running and show just how scatterbrained I really am!

This morning I stepped out on a 20.15mi trail run.   It was “supposed’ to be 25mi but after dealing with the mud, sleet, and freezing rain on the trails I went with symbolism over miles.

This year, as I mentioned before, is going to be my year of running and reaching new milestones.   So why go in easy right?   Here is what I have planned for the year…

1.  2,015mi running
2.  2015 Running Streak (run at least 1 mile every day this year;  clearly if I am going to accomplish the first goal I will need a lot more than 1mi per day though)
3.  Cactus Rose 100 (ok… has nothing to do with 20.15mi run this morning…

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