How do you make it, when you feel like you are barely getting by?

Getting by with the finances provided, the life you have made, getting on and getting by.

How do you get through the day, when you just want to break down and cry?

Cry from the hurt, cry from the pain, cry for the moments left for another time.

How do you move through the moments, when you feel as if you are slowly losing your mind?

When each day feels like another wall to climb, another door slammed closed

What choices should be made, when there are not many that could be chosen?

When each day feels like another hurdle barely surpassed and each night too short

There is very little guidance left in the handbook of life in which to resort.

Each moment, each breath, every fit of childish rage

Feels like an eternity in this life, an entire book written, not simply a single page.

How do you make it, when you don’t know how you will get by?

Knowing no matter how much you push the problems behind you, they take center stage.

How do you get through each day, when all you can do is cry?

How do you live in the moment, when you long for times more simple and sure?

A time when life was less complicated, and to life’s cruelties you thought you were inure.

How can you live for today, when it seems to only bring more pain?

The seconds, the minutes, the hours of every single day, bring on time without delay.

How do you move through betrayal, pain, and anger to finally feel some relief?

When you look through the pages of your life and see few moments of joy, but many of grief.

How do you get through each day, when in yourself and your choices you no longer believe?

You live in the moment because that is all there is, this moment in time and nothing else.

You breathe through the anger, the hurt and betrayal of a life that’s not yet passed you by.

Live through the minutes, hours and the days of life, with thanks that you are still alive.

It is only by living this life and feeling all that it has to offer, the joys and the pains it brings,

That we are able to realize that there is so much more to this life than tarnished wedding rings.

Live your life like you want to, derive pleasure from all you can, live your life as you see fit

Whether your life is abject misery, sensory overload or pleasure divine, it’s all in your hands.



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