Stage Ready….or Not

Corpus strand

Hello friends and subscribers!!! Here we are inhabiting our life on another Wednesday in the month of July and I am almost fully recovered from the events of last week. You know what this means!! It’s time for me to tell you all about it. As you may remember, my post last week or so was about those blasted roadblocks in life that try to prevent us from reaching our goals. The title of this post could just as easily be Veni Vidi Vici, but since I’ve already used that one it didn’t seem prudent to use it again. (Smile!)

Let’s get to it shall we? Hmmm…Where to begin is the question since it all blends together like a yummy green smoothie. A quick recap of the few days prior to Saturday perhaps is the best way to give you a picture of this event. Beginning the Sunday prior, it was necessary to begin over-hydrating the body with two gallons of water for two days. Then on Tuesday and everyday thereafter the amount of water decreased while the number of calories I was consuming also decreased from the previous week by approximately 1/3 for the same period of time.

The calorie decrease didn’t feel horrible from Monday through Wednesday because whenever my belly growled its displeasure about being empty, I’d simply drink a bunch of water until it FELT full. The other hard part was maintaining my normal level of activity during this period of time. It was almost impossible! Almost. There were several naps taken simply to avoid the pain of being hungry!

I saw my trainer almost daily during this time since the goal was to squeeze out every bit of glycogen from the muscle fibers. This doesn’t sound bad does it? Hah! When a stretchy band that has somewhere around 2 lbs of resistance feels like it weighs ten pounds, and your muscles refuse to cooperate no matter how many times your brain tells them to contract is not a walk in the park let me assure you.

By last Friday we were down to 1/4 of a gallon of water and the 1200 calories required to keep a body moving. Let me tell you something, I thought chugging two gallons of water was HARD, but that was nothing compared to knowing I had to make 30 oz of water last me the day, while feeling like my stomach was eating my spine. The good news was, Friday was a travel day to the venue which was five hours from home. Not a whole lot of energy expenditure taking place whilst sitting in the passengers seat.

balcony view

The picture above is the view from the balcony of our home for the weekend! Beautiful! Upon arrival, it was decided we ought to get the blood flowing a bit after five hours in the truck, so we went for a walk. I was wearing jeans and a t-shirt so needless to say, I was soaked in sweat by the time we finished since it was about 90* and humid in Corpus.

We went to the venue from there (after changing) for the athlete’s meeting and to get my first coating of spray tan. Nothing exciting here other than the fact that the spray tan was COLD, COLD, COLD and I felt like there was a sticky residue encasing me. The most exciting portion of my Friday was that I was able to eat a hamburger!! Oh my gosh!! I know, I know. It’s JUST a hamburger for goodness sakes, but let me tell you that if you, as a bread lover, go without eating bread for four or five months and then eat bread it tastes kinda like heaven when you do get to eat it!! Trust me.

The big day began early since Shauna is also training for her own show, so at 3:00 Saturday morning she was up and headed to the hotel gym for her sweatfest. I didn’t really need to be awake yet, but there was no going back to sleep. Some confusion began taking place because the makeup company had previously emailed me stating that they’d be located at the same hotel the athletes stayed at. However, when they texted the confirmation for my 4:45 a.m appointment, they were at a different hotel. Annoyance was a common feeling over the course of this day, and actually throughout the entire prep for the show. I didn’t let it bog me down though. Annoyed or not, things had to happen. We went to their hotel for my session and found that they were running 15 minutes behind, I was their last client and then they were moving to the venue.

We were both displeased with the job they did on my makeup. Thank goodness for the fact that Shauna is really quite the diva!! After makeup it was time to eat my waffle with real butter and IHOP syrup!! YUM! A second coating of spray tan….Brrrrrr and then it was time put my suit on and Shauna to fix the makeup job.

first makeup

Makeup job #1

Lipstick was a mess since I’d just eaten my waffle!

I have to tell you a secret. We’ve discussed the importance of having a reason, a raison d’etre, when we are aiming for a difficult goal. Knowing this and holding it in your mind will help you overcome the most difficult moments during your journey toward a given accomplishment. My “why” for completing this competition, come hell or high water, was simply to give myself more confidence. It sounds funny I know. You’re thinking to yourself, doesn’t one NEED confidence in order to walk across that stage, half dressed in a skimpy bikini in front of a few hundred strangers? The answer to that question is NO, not really. In order to walk across that stage you only have to fake the fact that you are confident. You have to pretend very well and tell yourself that you ARE good enough. You ARE beautiful. You ARE ready. You belong there.

I’ll leave you to chew on that a bit and guess what happened since I have to run. No worries though! As Arnold said, I’ll be back…. ha ha ha!

Until next time my friends!





There you are traveling along your chosen path to reach a particular destination. The research is complete. The plan was established and followed to the best of your human ability and intentions, and then all of a sudden BAM!! You run into a concrete barrier. Thank goodness you weren’t speeding! Phew! Major calamity was averted, though now there’s some damage control to implement and an adjustment must be made because the plan you had has been compromised by an unseen barrier.

Life is funny that way is it not? And by funny I really don’t mean that it makes you want to laugh. In fact, generally the opposite is true and rather than laugh at the irony of this life, it often makes us want to scream, cry and throw a three-year old’s version of a temper tantrum. No? Of course, the above scenario when driving would most likely result in some truly catastrophic results, however, roadblocks happen elsewhere as well.

These last eight months of preparation and planning have had their fair share of roadblocks. Illnesses cropped up, weather was a factor, schedules had to be adjusted and now for the coup de gras, the killing blow, a vital piece of the plan falls apart with little hope for recovery. What to do? We all have choices that we have to make, as we have talked about before, and sometimes these choices are cut and dry. Other times, however, choices are not so crystal clear because the outcome is beyond our limited view of our life. We can choose to wring our hands, cry out in defeat and give up. We can choose to play the blame game with all the shoulda, woulda, couldas…

There’s another option though that is probably more productive than either of the two stated above. That option is to pull oneself up by your proverbial bootstraps, access every ounce of energy you have remaining and re-work the plan. That concrete barrier you just crashed into is not going to move, so now you have to find a new way to achieve your goal. Generally speaking, alternative plans are not going to meet the expectations we had in our head of what this journey would look like. The question though is do you WANT to meet your objective more than you want it to meet a given set of preconceived notions of what it should look like when you do arrive at the destination?

Let me be specific now. As you may or may not know, I’ve been training for a Figure competition in the Women’s Physique division since late November of last year. There have been multiple roadblocks and things have not always gone to plan, as is apparently very normal in this chaotic life. I’ll save the story of the journey for another sleepless night though. Things have progressed and we arrived at two weeks prior to the competition date with my specially designed competition suit due to arrive on July 2 from Germany. That day came and went but my suit did not arrive.

Now, for those of you who actually KNOW me, you may have personal knowledge of the fact that the amount of patience I have is not what I am known for. Okay, so I took a deep breath and told myself that the Fourth of July holiday had messed up the delivery and surely it would arrive by Friday, July 6. No such luck. The seamstress is contacted by myself and my trainer as well since she’s known her for at least six years. The trainer tried to calm my anxiety by informing me that in six years of doing business with the seamstress, not a single suit has been lost or not received by the date of the competition.

Here we are friends, basically two days before I leave to drive five hour to the venue and three days prior to the event and………no suit has arrived. BAM!! There’s my roadblock. What can I do at this point? Every waking, and sometimes even sleeping hours, every ounce of spare energy, every penny I could eeek out of my budget has been spent on preparing for this one day. I’m not going to blow smoke here. The thought of throwing in the towel and calling it a loss and a learned lesson did cross my mind on more than one occasion. Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on who you talk to, the idea of quitting is not one I am attuned to. I’ve done it and despise the emotional fallout.

What did I do instead? I used this thing we have called social media and put out a small SOS in the form of an @instagram post. Someone MUST know someone who knows someone who can help me come up with a solution. Waiting patiently and asking for help in any way, shape or form are not high on my list of favorites, however, when push comes to shove and the choice is to quit or ask for help – I will ask for help. Thankfully, I have some absolutely FABULOUS friends who are aware of all the struggles encountered, and as luck would have it – there’s a suit!!!

Roadblocks be damned!! I’m going to battle with my own expectations because it’s not the outcome I wanted as far as the suit is concerned, however, the ability to walk the stage is more important than a specially designed suit. Right? Choices have to be made and once again there will be sacrifices made in order to make all of this happen. We can wring our hands and give up, or we can fight with every bit of who we are and what we believe in to achieve our goals in spite of the setbacks.

Until next time my friends!



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Pawns in King Solomon’s Court

I have much on my mind this day, and the words seem stuck in my head as though they’re struggling to make it out of their tangled maze – though the results they dread. Children are a gift from God above. They’re given to us for whatever reasons He has seen fit. As we go through the motions of our lives, the little ones are often caught in the crossfire of mixed emotions and childish games. These little people have their very own thoughts and feelings though and are not meant to be used as pawns to cause pain to those we see fit to harm.

King Solomon of the Bible told the story about the selfishness of human beings who look out for their own best interest, rather than for the best interest of the child. We’re to guard them with our lives, hold them up to the highest esteem and keep them safe while they follow their own dreams. As parents we ought not to put them in a situation where they must make a choice to love one more than the other. There is naught that breaks my heart more than to watch the actions of a child who is so confused by the situation they believe in order to love their father, they cannot love their mother.

It would be the same feeling if the situation was reversed and a misguided child was under the assumption that in order to love his mother, he had to abandon his father. As parents it is our responsibility to love our children unconditionally and with a consistent nature so that they feel secure enough they know they don’t have to choose. I imagine myself in the shoes of the kings court….ready to sacrifice the child to the order to prevent them from being used as a tool to cause pain. I’d rather give up my own life and sacrifice my state of happiness than to make my children choose that which they should have no business choosing. They’re only children with very little thought of the future and have only a small idea of what they’ll be losing.

Children are not meant to make major life choices. Hence the reason why we’re not legally able to vote until we’re 18. They’re not capable of choosing what is the best for them and the remainder of their lives when they’re under the age of majority. This is the reason why children under the age of 15 or 16 are not able to drive at all and even once they do reach a given age, they must be supervised by an adult. We have to hold them up and make the right choices FOR them until they’re able to do so for themselves. It is so sad to me that grown people use children to seek an advantage over another. I didn’t choose to bring babies into this world to mother just so I could use them as pawns in a twisted game of chess. We’re adults supposedly….who should do what is best.

Until next time friends



Prose….On Judgment

As you sit on the sidelines of my life blinded by what you perceive

And ignorant of all you do not know

You dare to pass your judgment, critical of the choices made

That have nothing to do with you.


When looking back on your life and decisions you have made

Can you sit there honestly, knowing all you know now

And say you never made mistakes?


As you sit on the sidelines of my life, blinded by the love you feel

And ignorant of all the critical errors, you dare add shame to the mix

As if it is suddenly your duty to lay waste with your verbal landmines


Look back at your own life, I dare you to peak

Take a look at all that was said and done, that caused such family strife

Would you like there to be fingers pointed

At a time when you felt your life was so bleak?


The lessons learned in this lifetime are earned by pain and joy as well

But please do not feign to sit there and judge my own personal hell

As if you know it or have seen firsthand

When all you have seen is the outer shell….



Brazos Bend 100 – the Aftermath


You thought the story ended when we came across the finish line? Nope! There is one more part of the story to tell. The story of the agony of the feet and the winning of the buckle. Had an interview with this really cool man by the name of Victor Ballesteros (who designs some totally rad bags I WILL own one day!) at the end of the 100 you can see here:
Thanks to Ultra Sports Live.TV
“We believe that Every Finish Is Amazing. The final 100 Mile finisher at Brazos Bend Trail Races ‪#‎BB100‬ proved just that point. Tammy Tucker finished her race with an official result of 29:58:57, just under the 30 hour cutoff. Congratulations to her and all of the other participants who made the event one to remember.”

Then I was directed to a chair so we could care for my feet. I have no earthly idea how I was staying on my feet at this point! I was tipsy and off balance. Thank goodness for T2 who kept me propped up whenever I appeared like I was going to fall. She sat me down and Doug gave me some watermelon! Those first few bites were like little moments of heaven! Ahhhhh! Sipping some water and talking to Doug and T2 as they decided what to do about the mess called my feet. Oh….and the pain killers I took about 30 or so minutes before the finish kicked in….somewhere around here.

Aftermath 1

This was not a fun experiment at all! We had to wet the sock a bit then PULL real quick so it would release from the skin on the ball of both feet. I kept telling people that my blisters had made babies and I was only half joking! We did what we had to do and got the socks off which was great until T2 took a picture of my feet and showed it to me – and I puked all the watermelon I had just eaten….then came the next problem. My feet were too sore and too swollen to fit into my slides! Seriously!? There was a bit of a walk through the grass to get to the truck and I was now barefoot with some pretty serious injuries to the bottoms of both feet.

The  agony of the feet!

The agony of the feet!

Robert Goyen quickly solved this issue by saying that he would just CARRY me! What?! Oh my gosh! I was slightly embarrassed I have to say. I was sweaty and wet and icky and I didn’t hesitate to tell him of all these issues. He said he didn’t care, or it didn’t matter or something like that and promptly picked me up and carried me to the truck.

After figuring out how to shimmy myself out of wet shorts and into a pair of jeans….in the backseat of my SUV while T2 held a towel up in front of the door so I would remain ‘decent’, we said “Later” to Doug and a million thanks to he and Rob Goyen and set off to find some FOOD. I didn’t FEEL hungry but Doug made sure to remind us of the importance of getting some calories back into our depleted bodies.

We basically dozed in the back of the truck for the long ride home. We attempted to eat….pretty boring, standard stuff. The next bit of humility and hilarity occurred when we arrived at T2’s house and I needed to pee. Um….my feet wouldn’t fit in ANY shoe, not even a flip flop and I could barely stand. My center of gravity all whacked out because of the situation on the bottoms of my feets. (purposely misspelled)

While N.D was shuffling about like she only ran a marathon or something, I could hardly walk! Have you tried to HURRY when you have to pee but cannot walk fast? Wow! Thank goodness for my little friend (ha ha ha) KdlP because he offered to piggyback me into the house!! I bet THAT was a funny sight to see! We managed to successfully navigate us in to the house and I hobbled into the restroom to take care of business. Fun times!! Have you ever tried to get OFF the toilet without using your toes? Pshaw! Freakin HILARIOUS!

Somehow I managed to finish that task (I am TIRED thinking about it now 3 days later!). Now to get back in the truck to be driven home. Trouble was….I could barely move. Brilliance occurs and T2 asks her husband about a walker they may have. A WALKER?!! What?! I am 43 not 93 – said my pride within about 2 seconds!!! I am not using a doggone walker! Go ahead and laugh….it’s pretty funny! 🙂

Today is the third day after the end of the journey….I am no longer exhausted – physically and emotionally. I was able to climb out of bed this morning without my husband picking me up and holding me still while I gained my balance. I am just shuffling but don’t need the walker to move around. Life goes on and now it’s time to get the truck downloaded  and get back to something resembling normalcy….although, no more than ever I am not exactly sure that I am entirely normal…whatever it means.

I have always been someone who will comply and conform when necessary but at the same time someone who is an independent thinker who likes to shake things up a bit….what a quandary eh? Rather than bore you any further with more words….I will simply show you the pictures and bid you good day….until next time – PEACE

48 hours and the tape is off..sort of

48 hours and the tape is off..sort of

Right foot after it was all cleaned up

Right foot after it was all cleaned up

What makes them feel better - ice or the big, BEAUTIFUL BUCKLE?!

What makes them feel better – ice or the big, BEAUTIFUL BUCKLE?!

The absolute BEST tribe we could ever wish for!! Thanks guys! Much love - until NEXT time :)

The absolute BEST tribe we could ever wish for!!
Thanks guys! Much love – until NEXT time 🙂

Preface to a bigger story of heart and plain old gritty determination

A word of warning….this is a LONG post and will have several parts…

Today is simply another ordinary day. I overslept the alarm or actually completely FORGOT to set the thing when I climbed into bed last night. My brain was telling me as I did so that I didn’t need to go to sleep yet, it was only 10:30 and I didn’t feel tired. Not surprisingly, I was more tired than I surmised!

Now, the sun is rising and lighting the house through the windows. There’s no noise other than the tapping of the keyboard as I type and I am sitting here with my feet kicked up trying to get some food in my stomach – and thinking and trying NOT to doze off…what?!! It’s early in the day and I managed to get a good 7 1/2 hours of sleep, so why am I sleepy?! I am so sleepy in fact that I find myself dozing off as I type leaving a trail of some random letters on my computer screen. Zzzzzzzzzzzzmmmmmmmmm

Ahhhhh….there’s a story to tell peeps so sit down with a cup of joe…perhaps slightly laced with a splash of Bailey’s…and get ready for a tale..I hope I can do it justice!!

This tale began on Friday December 12, 2014 as a group of 4 (myself, my partner in crime N.D, our great friend T2 and a young man with a big heart KdlP) loaded up the back of my expedition with all the gear we thought we’d need for a 48 hour excursion, and in hindsight, probably some stuff we did not need. It was pretty comical to watch if I step back from my own two eyes to see it unfold. Like a clown car…how much stuff could we squeeze into the vehicle and still leave room for 4 full-sized adults?

There were storage totes of various sizes with apparently random items within, duffel bags, camp blankets, pillows, sleeping bags….oh and bags upon bags of food (mostly fruit) from the grocery store. All that prodded and moved around until it all fit. Well, with the exception of KdlP’s rucksack – that had to be strapped on top of the truck! We managed to hit the road at noon and everything was moving according to plan. Yes, there was a plan! There’s ALWAYS a plan!!

T2 and Kevin

Three hours and 45 minutes later we arrived at our destination and another 20 minutes or so after that we made it to the briefing about the race…Oh yeah…didn’t I tell you? This is about a running event several of my friends plus myself registered for and were going to participate in. My good friend and training partner were going to run 100 miles! Several other friends were running distance from 26.2 miles all the way up to 50!!

I digressed a bit and took a nap…..back on track…so there we were at Brazos Bend State Park in Rosenberg Texas listening to the race director (Robert Goyen of Trail Racing Over Texas) give us a safety brief. He told us things like don’t jump over the gators and if you pass them do so behind them, not in front of them. He informed us about the course markings, the Christmas dinner that would be served for the runners and the condition of the trail. This information was definitively understated we were to find out later!!

The finishline

The finishline

This is all pretty boring stuff ya know and that’s okay. Consider it the preface to the real story! So after we leave the race brief we placed our drop boxes in the appropriate places and headed back out on the road so we could EAT and rest. Mind you, on the way to Brazos Bend state park there is a series of about 6 almost 45 degree turns and this is also something to think about for a later date. We checked into the hotel – Springhill Suites in Rosenberg where we had some very nice accommodations and guess what – we were still on plan. It always makes me HAPPY when Murphy does not poke his ugly head into my plans!!

T2 happens to be a great friend of mine (ours) but generally life gets in the way and we seldom see each other unless it is exercise related so it was nice at dinner to have a real conversation with her. We ate a leisurely dinner at Cracker Barrel – making sure to eat NOTHING that we had not eaten before and staying away from evil fiber or greasy foods…Trust me when I say THAT is a very important thing to do the days before one runs 100 miles!!! We sat and ate and enjoyed each others company for a bit then N.D left the table for a while and when she came back she came back with GIFTS!! I LOVE GIFTS!! Well, who doesn’t but this isn’t about them…..

She gave me a little stuffed Mickey Mouse! You see, she had asked us a little earlier who was our favorite cartoon character. T2 said Hello Kitty and of course I said Mickey Mouse. I like the classic Mickey cartoons though – when they were funny. I digress again but y’all should be pretty accustomed to that by now if you read my blog or know me personally. Back to the hotel we went for last minute prep and some well needed sleep the night before a race. The plan was that T2 would order some pizzas for us to eat at breakfast while we re-packed or whatever we had to do.

Finally after we all settled down and the pizza was ordered, the alarms were set and the plan for the mornings activities were discussed, I took a sleep aid and it was lights out…

100 miles begins with a single thought

Okay peeps, this one could be a bit long so I will apologize in advance if it is. You always have the option of moving your mouse to the red X in the upper right hand corner of the screen and moving on to bigger and better things! LOL

Here we are with 16 days and a “wake up” away from the day I’ve been planning for the last SIX month! We ran our last “long” training run of 20 miles yesterday – around a 1.25 mile concrete track. I thought this would be great preparation for the fortitude we will need to push through the miles that may be hard, boring, painful etc., when the big day arrives on December 13. Today as I sat here drinking my first cup of coffee I thought this would be a good day to talk about the journey up to this point. I am going to skip over the points that are more personal in nature and attempt to stick to the material that is training relevant. 🙂

The journey truly began back in May when I saw an ad on FaceBook about this race. It claimed to be the flattest, fastest ultra in Texas. This appealed to me immediately! As a relative newbie to ultra’s and trail running as a whole with only 20 months on the trails at that point and several ultra distance races where I was moderately successful, I felt somehow COMPELLED to run this race. I asked several of my running friends who have finished 100’s themselves whether they thought it was possible for me to FINISH a flat 100 with 6 months of training. The response was all positive! My friend A.B who is a beast on the trail said that my base was solid and I would be ready in six months.

I thought about it for a couple weeks, trying to figure out how to break the news to my husband and wondering how I could possibly come up with the entry fee. One thing lead to another and guess what?! I realized that I was MEANT to run this race when my entry fee was comped. That’s right! When pieces fall together almost effortlessly in my world, that means that whatever it is I am contemplating is meant to be. I bit the bullet so to speak and went ahead and registered to run 100 MILES! Then the FREAK OUT came! Oh. My. Gosh! What was I thinking? What am I going to do now? I said I would do it….now there has to be a plan. One cannot simply jump willy nilly into something like this without some idea of how they will progress!

The planning began and the base building, strengthening began in June. Since it was early summer there was quite a bit of bicycling going on as cross training. This is when we began testing out running in zone 2. Why zone 2? Well, after doing a lot of research and reading I came to the conclusion that in order for me to go further than 26.2 miles it would be necessary to keep the heart beating slower while still running er…jogging. This was a process in itself let me tell you!

From mid-June through the first week of September there were days when I thought we would not get to the point where we could JOG for more than 100 yards without having to walk and our pace per mile would drop under a 15 minute mile. The sense of frustration was immense! I am a performance/goal oriented person so when things do not go the way I expect them to it really gets to me emotionally. This was yet another lesson to be learned! During this same period I played with running while depleted. Have you done this?! Essentially, you run your training miles without eating anything prior. It was tough at first I have to say. Eventually, it was possible to run 12 miles without eating breakfast beforehand.

12 miles is really my limit though. It is shortly after this point that I crash….HARD. Have you ever allowed your blood sugar to drop down to the point where you simply feel shaky, sweaty and as if you cannot move? It’s not pleasant by any means! Even with drinking tailwind (a FAB electrolyte with some calories drink mix!) I was unable to get beyond the 12 miles while depleted. Once our long weekend runs exceeded 12 miles on regular basis, I stopped running depleted at all except for our short mid-week runs that didn’t go over 10 miles. Crashing physically takes me an entire day to bounce back from!

August was a tough month! This is the first summer that I have ran any distance over about 10 miles. I do NOT like running in the summer. It is just so HOT!! There were a couple runs where the saving grace was the fact that the trail we run on regularly is next to the lake. My training partner and battle buddy at this point, suggested we take a dip in the lake at the tail end of a particularly grueling 26 miles. We had about 4 miles remaining and I was fading FAST. My feet hurt, stomach was cramping and I just felt like….garbage to put it nicely. So, we walked about 50 feet down to the sorry looking lake (we’ve not recovered from a serious drought) that appeared as an oasis. Shoes,socks, garmin and vest were ditched….and we entered the blissful surrender of the water. WOW! I’d say we spent about 15-20 minutes there just soaking our over-heated bodies (It was around 96 degrees by noon that day as we were finishing up!)

September was a month of epicness – on both sides of the coin. There were lessons learned like: running 28 miles on one Sunday means my body will NOT be ready for another long distance run over 20 miles the following Sunday; over-training happens and when it does one MUST simply take some time off and re-evaluate priorities and finally….it’s all going to be OKAY. I told you that I am a planner and someone who takes goals to heart. This is all well and good except, one has to know how to let go and lower expectations. I don’t do well with this and training for 100 miles has helped me (a bit) with this. Nobody is perfect. No plan ever goes exactly as planned – ever. That doesn’t mean one should not plan! It means that we need to build contingencies INTO our plans. Have a backup plan and a secondary backup plan! 🙂

November arrived without much drama and the long awaited Fat Ass 50 mile run we’d bee planning since September was upon us! The PLAN (oops there we go again with the PLAN!) was we’d begin at 6 pm and end the night at 6 am or 50 miles whichever came first. Ironically, this also happened to be the night daylight savings time ended! The night started off great! We did a couple loops, then J.S one of my good friends and often a running partner said he had to bail because his wife was sick. We were disappointed as was he, but priorities are what they are, so when we got back to the turnaround point he took off. Loop 3 really was where the separation between the few of us running became more evident. I knew by the time we finished that loop that I was in trouble physically. My left ankle was painful and didn’t want to bend correctly. Not good!

The 2 young men who were remaining said they’d had enough before we began the 4th loop and that left myself and my battle buddy N.D to finish up. At that point I knew I had to suck it up and deal with the pain, try to work through it and keep on pushing. The alternative was to quit. That’s NOT an acceptable alternative! I tried my best. Stretched my foot on the run, accentuated my foot strike by consciously bending my ankle…we made it about 4 miles in and I broke the news to N.D that I didn’t think I’d make another 5 miles never mind another 18 to complete the 50 we were aiming for. We wound up walking the last 2 miles back to the trucks. I was upset with myself but knew that if I kept on pushing it was just going to make whatever was going on even worse…

Here we are at the end of November and it’s Thanksgiving. I am thankful for so much! Thankful for the friends I have who have stuck by me through good and bad training days and the various moods we find ourselves enveloped in. The 100 is WEEKS away…and many lessons have been learned. Now it’s time for rest and to allow the body to HEAL while trying to keep the madness away. 100 miles is not that far!! This is simply one more test of my internal fortitude and a goal to be accomplished. As one of my Lieutenants used to say….CAN and WILL!!

I hope you enjoyed taking this little walk with me!
Until next time…..PEACE